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The electrical panel, also referred to as the main switchboard is essentially the backbone of your home or business electrical system installation. It accepts the main power into your home distributing the electrical power to various circuits within your premises. Therefore, it is a  to engage a professional electrician in all your electrical panel installation or upgrade services. At AA1 Electrician Services-Woodland Hills, we are the top-rated electrical panel installation and upgrade service provider experts. Call us today on (805) 225-8267 if you are in need of electrical panel installation, upgrade, inspection and also troubleshooting services.

Why choose us?

To begin with, all the electricians we send to you are highly trained and experienced. We only hire professionals so you can rest assured of a clean job. Our services are readily available all clock round 24/7. Also, we are equipped with industry-leading tools and equipment. Therefore we are capable of getting the job done efficiently within the shortest time possible. We offer competitive prices and free cost estimates to our customers.

Electrical panel installation services

At AA1 Electrician Services-Woodland Hills, we do fresh electrical panel installation services. So are you looking forward to install new electrical panel? Come to AA1 Electrician Services-Woodland Hills to ensure safe and reliable service. We adhere to electrical codes and standards requirements for electrical panels

Are you facing an electrical emergency? Talk to AA1 Electrician Services for rapid response. We serve commercial and residential customers and we will make sure the problem is addressed quickly. Call us today .

Electrical panel upgrade services

Your electrical consumption may increase over time. Therefore you will have to upgrade your electrical panel so as to ensure safety. Therefore, at AA1 Electrician Services-Woodland Hills, keenly evaluate your new electrical requirements and then upgrade you to the appropriate electrical panel. This will prevent your electrical fuses from blowing off frequently because of insufficient capacity.

Electrical panel inspection and troubleshooting services

If you are experiencing frequent electrical blackouts then your electrical circuits could be faulty. There could be errors in your connections and therefore your electrical fuses will keep on blowing which affects the performance of your electrical system. Give AA1 Electrician Services-Woodland Hills a call today, we will troubleshoot your electrical panel connections thoroughly and fix the problem accordingly. You will no longer experience any more electrical blackouts.